Luxor :West Bank tour 2 : ( Madinet Habu ‎, the Ramasseum , the village of the craftsmen )


8 hours

Max People


Min Age




Explore Another amazing tour to the west bank to explore the stunning temples Madinet Habu ‎and the Ramasseum and the village of the craftsmen at Deir El Medina


  • Licensed Egyptologist tour guide .
  • Bottled mineral water.
  • Private air conditioning car.
  • Tourism police permission.
  • All entrance fees
  • Accommodation.
  • Any extra activities.
  • Meals and drinks during the tour.
  • Tipping for ( Guide & driver).
  • Anything not mentioned above.

Tour Plan

Day 1

Our tour guide will pick you up from your hotel or Nile Cruise to ‎go in one of the extraordinary excursions to visit 3 magnificent sites of the west bank of Luxor.‎

You will start your tour with discovering one of the largest well-preserved memorial ‎temples in Luxor Medinet Hapu, the temple was constructed to commemorate King ‎Ramses III “the last great warrior pharaoh of the new kingdom” after his death, by ‎orders of the king himself.‎

The temple is decorated with scenes and texts illustrating the military victories of the ‎king, as well as the rituals performed and festivals celebrated here, One of the most ‎wonderful scenes engraved on the back of the southern tower of the temple’s pylon, is ‎the oxen hunt, which depicts Ramses III, leading his chariot, hunting wild oxen.‎ Then, proceeding to witness the memorial temple of the great warrior king “Ramses II” ‎The Ramasseum, It was dedicated to God Ra. Most of the walls of the temple are ‎illustrated with scenes of the military campaigns of king Ramses II especially the great ‎battle of Qadesh in which the king defeated the Hittites. In front of the ruins of the first ‎pylon, there once stood a colossal statue of Ramses that was more than 1000 Tons in ‎weight and 18m high, you can still see the remains of it today.‎

After this site you will go visit the last site in our tour where you will see the remains of ‎the ancient Workmen’s Village in Deir el-Medina , The village was founded during the ‎reign of King Thutmose I (from the 18th dynasty) and flourished until the end of the ‎‎20th dynasty. It was the home of artists, craftsmen, and workers who built and ‎ornamented the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Above the settlement, hidden ‎within the cliffs, are the workers’ tombs. They include some of the finest decorated ‎private tombs in all of Thebes, like the tombs of Sennedjem, Inherkau, and the Tomb of ‎Peshedu.‎

At the end of the tour, our tour guide will pick you up back to your hotel in Luxor.‎


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