Pharaonic curse between mystery and reality

Tutankhamun’s tomb in Luxor by the British archeologist Howard Carter.
After the discovery there are two experts of Carter’s team who died some weeks later after this discovery by poisoning, from here the believe of this curse has been started.

The question here what is the real reason behind this myth?
Actually! All the scientists, historians, and Egyptologists were seriously and hardly searching to find out the fact behind this myth, some of them thought that it might be magic because of the spills and amulets for protection spreading along the tomb walls as well as the punishment that can affect and harm anyone that can interrupt the mummified body who rested in peace inside the tomb, But if that true, so why this spills didn’t affect the tomb robbers when they have been inside the tombs to steal everything,
Actually! the truth behind this myth was explained by one of the professional Egyptologists who said that ancient Egyptian used to mummify their bodies and then burry them inside their toms and be sure that they sealed and closed it carefully according to their beliefs in the afterlife to be very well preserved and also to be hidden from the tomb robbers, so as the tomb was closed for thousands of years that caused a chemical reaction between the canyon and the other secret materials used in mummification process that caused the emissions of bacteria and poisoning materials that can harm or kill the human beings,
That’s why nowadays during the excavations the archeologists leave the tomb open for some hours to refresh the air inside before they enter it and start their work.